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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bubba's Burgers

Ok, I don't normally eat hamburger so don't tell Lisa.  Shhhhh, she thinks I'm a vegan, vegetarian, fish-aterian.  John at Bubba's was very friendly and if you start reading all the bumper stickers above the grill, which was right in front of us as we sat at the bar, you will get a small look at what is probably a guy with a great sense of humor.  I will test this observation as I frequent Bubba's more.  The staff was great and easy on the eyes too, but I think this last bit is part of John's master plan.

There is a picture from a magazine of Robert Downey Jr. who is quoted as saying, "Bubba's Burgers are the best on the planet!" or something like that.  Don't quote my quote.  For the record I had a deluxe Terriyaki burger and I would have it again.  I think as I work here and try the food from all the great eateries, I'll start posting my thoughts on what I try, and I will try everything.

You are lucky if you have a friend like Renato

You are lucky if you have a dummy friend lucky my buddy Renato.  He works full time running his own family business, is a very involved dad, good husband (by another man's observations, but this hasn't been officially confirmed) and helps me in all his free time.  You would be considered very blessed to have a friend like this in your life.

Ok, enough brown nosing Renato, get to work, while I go get a bite to eat.   This picture shows the great cleaning and sanding this floor scraper is doing on the concrete.  We had two going at the same time so it made pretty quick work.  Check out Renato and Marjories's store at Kukui'ula Village at this link; best store in the Village, until we open up ;)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cleaning Up and preparing for the week

Aloha!  Hope you all had a great weekend?  Worked a little on the store this weekend.  Vacuumed all the dust and dirt off the floor and taped off most edges with blue painters tape.  Sorry most of this is boring until we start painting and bringing in furniture and stock.

The floor is really dirty.  It has a patina from all the red dirt and rain that sat on the concrete for so long from the construction phase.  I think I'm going to really have to scrub the floor with a powered floor scrubber if that's what you call the machine.  This is what I'll do, I will take a before and after of every project that I work on so you can see the difference.  That should be fun to see and be quite rewarding for me.

Here is a picture of the inside of the store looking out to the front of the store where all the wonderful clients, customers and friends will walk through to see us.  So tomorrow off to  The Home Depot to rent a floor machine and get to scrubbing.

Oh and on a side note, ate two pizzas at Merriman's Cafe last night and they were both very delicious.  Even the kids pasta was amazingly good.  Here's a link

Friday, February 19, 2010

Front doors opened for our first time

Opening store for the first time

We got our Keys!!!

Really is there anything more that I need to say.  Thank you Cheryl, Robert, Michael, and Karen you know who you are.  The clock starts here, so in 45 days, I think that makes it to April 4th.  I'm going to shoot to be open April 1st if we can get lights ordered, shipped and up in time.  Here are some pics below of the back door, Lisa and I opening our store for the very first time.  Lisa opening the front french doors and a panoramic of the front.  Today, I start cleaning the inside!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All the background stuff and a fun adventure!

Aloha!  Happy belated President's day!  In the process of opening the store all the background stuff has been going on even before we get the key.  Big things, insurance (all kinds, for any potentiality),  the dba with state of Hawaii from The Country Store to dba Red Bamboo Collection.  I secured the domain name so its floating around the cosmos without any substance yet, but I'll let you know as that comes online.

We have found and purchased all of the store furniture and fixtures that will help ground the store with the feel that we want.   I guess the best way to define our style would be Hawaiian/Asian plantation style.  We are going for a relaxed warm feel, with rugs and simple clean furnishings.  Some of the furniture is being made by me and other pieces reconditioned and some beautiful koa furnishings as well.  I'll post some picks for you soon.  I'll leave the colors as a surprise but it'll be warm and clean.

Today Lisa and I are going to the meet and greet/tour at Living Foods Market and Cafe at Kukui'ula Village today at 4 p.m.  Very excited and should be fun getting to meet all the wonderful people that will become our partners in this great adventure.  See some of you there! Oh and feel free to post, ask questions or give advice.

Below is a link to an article on Living Foods Market and Cafe and to the official Kukui'ula Village website;

Thursday, February 11, 2010

We got our Lease!

Aloha to anyone who's reading this.  Lisa and I are opening up our new gift gallery in about 45 days including moving out of the old store.  Yes I said 45 days.  Most likely we will go over the 45 days but that's our scheduled opening date, but nothing official yet.

Here is a link to the official website