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Friday, May 28, 2010

Martin Wessler Giclees

Martin Wessler Giclees found exclusively at Red Bamboo Collection.
Original paintings coming in soon. Please take the time and visit his
website at;

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Garden Ponds by Ken Bernard

I have to say that a Garden Pond created by Ken may be the best investments I've made for the gallery.  I showed Ken my blog and he went about looking for and dreaming about the best bowl for our space.  Our bowl has the most beautiful vertical lines and patina.  It came from a factory in China that has been making bowls for over 800 years.  A lot of bowls that you might find in a museum exhibit may include this companies bowls.  Did Ken pick the best bowl for us?  Yes he did!

Just so you know, our water garden is maintenance free, just add water.  It has an underwater world of plants, snails and fish.  In fact it is a natural mosquito trap, any mosquito's that think they can lay eggs around here are going to be very disappointed once my 5 little fish get a hold of them.

You may be able to read my enthusiasm in this blog, and it would be true because I just got done putting both hands in my fountain, closing my eyes, breathing deeply and "feeling" the energy of aliveness growing in my pond.  If I can't get back in the ocean all the time at least I can "dive" into the waters of my garden pond.
Now we need to get more of these ponds at some of the other wonderful stores and restaurants at Kukui`ula Shopping Village.

Check out;
Ken Bernard
Garden Ponds Nursery
5-2719 Kuhio Hwy #101
Kilauea at Banana Joe's
(808) 828-6400

Norfolk Pine Bowl

We just got in two new wood bowls from one of our artists. Simply